Configure HockeyApp

This page explains how to configure a new app in hockey with a specific naming convention and other tips.

Application naming convention

The naming convention on Hockey for the iOS apps is the same one that the one on Jenkins.

The apps should use the target name to clearly identify what kind of app / configuration / setup it is.


Creating New App

There is two ways to create apps on Hockey: Automatic and Manually.

The second one is a better one as you can be sure that everything is correctly setup.


The idea is to configured a build job on Jenkins (:construction_worker:) without the App ID and run the process.

Once the build done, the necessary files will be uploaded to Hockey.

If the App ID isn’t specified, the app with the same bundle identifier will be updated.

If no existing app has this identifier a new Hockey app will be created. After that you should set the new App ID on Jenkins to avoid further complications.

On the Apple Developer Portal

When creating new apps on the Apple Developer Portal, the bundle identifier has to be very specific.

The default naming is com.myEnterprise.yourProject.releaseType. For example: com.smartmobilefactory.dr.oetker-verlag.alpha


It is also possible to avoid the step were Jenkins push a new version to an unknown Hockey app.

First on the Hockey Dashboard, click on New App. You should see the following popup.

Click on the small manually link.


Then you need to specify a Release Type, Title and Bundle Identifier.


On Save a new Hockey App should be created.

Hockey App ID

After creating a Hockey App, an App ID is generated. Copy/paste this value in the configuration page for the dedicated target on Jenkins.

This ID also has to be set in your project. The info PList files are a great idea! :thumbsup:


Release Type: Alpha / Beta / Enterprise / Store

The release types on Hockey are not the same you actually use in the Apple Developer Portal or in Xcode.

Nonetheless you could try to be, as much as possible, consistent.

Here is how you could name the builds:

  • Alpha: for all Alpha-AdHoc builds.
  • Beta: for all Beta-AdHoc builds.
  • Enterprise: for all InHouse builds.
  • Store: just for the Live-AppStore.

Upload a new version


Thanks to the Continuous Integration process, every version built on Jenkins will be uploaded to Hockey.

Every ALPHA, BETA, LIVE, Adhoc or Inhouse builds should appear on Hockey with the file already there.

As far as this automatic process works you have nothing to do. :bowtie:


But if for some reasons you want to locally build and archive a new version of an app, you will also need to upload it to Hockey.

This upload will distribute the new version and let, for example, the beta testers do their job.

To do so, open the dedicated page of the app on and hit the big blue Add Version button.


A popup will appear on your web navigator, drop the .ipa file there. It will start the upload process.

Once done, you should be redirected to a new page dedicated to the version of the app you have just uploaded.

On the right side, click on Upload to upload the related file.

In the end, your view should look like this:


If you are not sure how to get this file, please read this page.

The new version is ready to be distributed and installed on real devices!

New store version

After releasing an app with Application Loader you need to create a new version on Hockey.

But if the Release Type of the app on Hockey is set to Store you can’t upload both .ipa and files.

The workaround is to go to Manage App and change the Release Type to Enterprise.

Once everything has been uploaded to both iTunesConnect and Hockey, do not forget to put setting back to Store.