My name is Kevin Delord.

I’m an iOS Lead Developer at the Smart Mobile Factory in Berlin, Germany.

Over the years, I’ve worked on more than 40 projects, and my skills include:

  • Swift, Objective-C, C++, C, Ruby, C#, Python and HTML.
  • Unit Tests, UI Tests and Core Data.
  • Apple certificates and provisioning profiles.
  • Team Leading and Teaching (internal talks)

I’m also doing and maintaining few iOS libraries:

  • DKHelper: Utility methods to improve code quality and reusability.
  • DKDBManager: Database manager with a complete CRUD integration.
  • UIImage+Autoresize: Naming convention for fullscreen images for all devices.
  • Swift style guide: Swift style guide that defines a style, syntax and structure to code in Swift.

If you are interested in my resume, click here.

This Blog

This Blog is about working in the iOS world: coding in swift, building, releasing apps, etc.

It tries to bring some light on unclear or complicated topics.

If you see something wrong, stupid or deprecated, please contact me! I would be glad to talk about it.

PS: It’s all open source, send me a Pull Request :bowtie:

World Trip

Starting September 2016, I will start a trip around the world for about 2 years.

If you are interesting, I will post some pictures on this website: picturemy.world


Kevin :yum: